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Short Biography 

Franco Navarro received his first artistic tuition in Art at the Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce at Palazzo de la Salle in the early 90 s in Valletta. Later he attended the Malta School of Art where he was introduced to Art-Appreciation and Fine Art. In 2004 Navarro achieved a B.A. Hons Degree in History of Art from the University of Malta and subsequently a Masters Degree where he specialized in 16th century Armour Decorations and Artistic Techniques. 
For a short time, he studied artistic print-making at the School of Art, Atelier WARTI, 2007where he developed his love for stylized woodcuts. A Life long learner, he enrolled in Mro. Noel Azzopardi's Art class in 2016 to learn Alla Prima painting and in 2018 he enrolled with Atelier Froman to specialize in realism under the tuition of Mro. Karl Froman. 
Navarro had four solo exhibitions. The first one being 'A study for the future' organized at the Castille Wine Vaults in Valletta, 2004. The second Exhibition was organized at Heritage Malta's Head Office in Valletta, 2007 and entitled. 'Etcetera perche la minesstra si fredda'. The latter was curated by Art Historian Dr. Christian Attard. His third Art expo was displayed at the Auberge d'Italie, also in Valletta in 2011 and called Fafnir, and a fourth in 2015 at Ir Razett tal Markiz, Mosta. The latter was called 'Passionate Turmoil'. 
Navarro participated in several collective exhibitions in Malta, particularly between 2013 and 2016. Mara, Palazzo de Piro and Selfie, and Winter Salon, at Studio 104, just to mention some.  During this time he was also very much involved with Malta's Mdina Art Biennale
Act Aeon, a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings, in November 2021. This mostra was curated by Dr. Christian Attard, the exhibition was held at Valletta Malta Postal Museum. 

Another project will be in April 2022 in line with Dark Malta Music Festival also scheduled in Valletta with two other prominent artists Sara P and Joseph Bugeja. 


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